How Amazon Gift Card Can Help When Things Are Tight

Redeeming your Amazon gift card can help you receive some of you funds that you can use to purchase other items. Once you redeem your Amazon gift card, the funds automatically gets into your Amazon account which you can use later when need arises. However, to redeem this gift cards an individual needs to follow several steps that will lead him or her to the path of redeeming and receiving the funds in their Amazon accounts. The steps that are being talked about in this article are as follows:

1. The first step involved in redeeming your Amazon gift card is to locate the Amazon gift card hack for free promo codes.

To locate the required claim code, the user is supposed to first log onto the, then opens the required page with tool bar named Reward code. On their reward code, the Amazon user is supposed to click on the link that appears there thus opening the required page to direct you on the claim code. However, Amazon customers using the plastic cards are first required to scratch softly on the back of the plastic card in order to remove the coatings concealing the claim code.

An employee selects a branded cardboard box at the Marston Gate 'Fulfillment Center,' the U.K. site of Inc., in Ridgmont, U.K., on Monday, Dec. 5, 2011. Inc.'s share of the tablet computer market will surge to 14 percent this quarter as consumer demand catapults the Kindle Fire to the No. 2 spot after Apple Inc.'s iPad, according to research firm IHS Inc. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

An employee selects a branded cardboard box at the Marston Gate ‘Fulfillment Center,’ the U.K. site of Inc., in Ridgmont, U.K., on Monday, Dec. 5, 2011. Inc.’s share of the tablet computer market will surge to 14 percent this quarter as consumer demand catapults the Kindle Fire to the No. 2 spot after Apple Inc.’s iPad, according to research firm IHS Inc. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

2. The next step involved in redeeming your Amazon gift card is Going to your Amazon Account

Signing in into your account is the next step that will help you redeem your Amazon gift card after being able to locate or rather access your claim code. It is in this account that you will find the section onto which the claim code will be applied onto.

3. The third step involved in redeeming your Amazon gift card is to click on the tool bar stating apply a gift card to your Amazon account

When you are in your Amazon account, you will see the tool bar stating that apply the gift card to your Amazon account and thus use it next. It is here where the Amazon customer is supposed to enter the claim code found on the Amazon gift card.

4. The other step involved in redeeming your Amazon gift card is to enter the claim code

This is a very crucial step in redeeming your Amazon gift since it concerns entry of the claim code from the gift card. The digits should be typed carefully to avoid any mistakes during entry which might lead to repeating the step over for several times if great care is not observed.

5. The next step in redeeming your gift card is to click on the apply to my account

Clicking onto to this button of apply to my account is very necessary in this process to ensure that the funds are redeemed and send to your Amazon account directly. The funds from the Amazon gift card are automatically deposited to your account ready for use in the next purchase of items. However, if the ordered redemption is greater than what your gift card can give, it is important to pay for the extra funds using your credit card.

From the above instructions, it is quite evident that one can redeem their Amazon gift cards easily and the funds directed to the account can be used later.

Progression of Gay Marriage in The Sims FreePlay

The day of June 26, 2015 marked a paramount in civil rights movement in the United States. Supreme court has ruled via Obergefell v. Hodges and granted the rights to the same-sex marriage to all citizens of the U.S. It was a monumental day that will forever be embedded in the history books. However, for the citizen of The Sims FreePlay, that option was already available, making it a strange case of virtual world beating out the real world on social values.

The Sims Freeplay has always been touted for its attempt at simulating real life in a fun and engrossing ways. It’s a bit ironic that a video game that requires you to have a job and do chores could turn into fun recreational activities for gamers. That formula was made mobile with the development and introduction of Sims Freeplay.

In actuality, same sex-marriage in the game of Sims has always been possible, without needing to use The Sims Freeplay android & iphone cheats, ever since the very first game in the franchise. The Sims Freeplay not only allow the players to take the role of a homosexual person, but the sexual fluidity is free-flowing phenomenal. There is no designated sex for the Sims you create and the sexual preference of the character can be molded and morphed throughout the game.

Not only can you allow your Sims to express themselves fully in their sexuality, you can also form same-sex relationships in The Sims. Because Sims can be attracted to either sexes, the romantic spark can ignite and fly off the chemistry lab anytime. Whether it’s accurate to real life or not, Sims can flip their sexual preference on the drop of a hat.

In mobile version of the game, Sims Freeplay, it is possible to have a same-sex marriage in the game. This is done non-chalantly like the ‘regular’ marriage. There are pre-made characters for Sims that can be defined as gay or lesbian. In fact, in Sims Freeplay, there is one pre-made character just like that. You can also create a new one and there are other custom lesbian characters that people have made and uploaded for other players to enjoy.

Avakin Life, An Experimentation in Social Platform Combined With Video Gaming Elements

With the rave of social media being a very successful platform for mingling and getting to know each other, it’s no surprise that this concept branches out to video games. While the most common form of interaction from video gaming online is talking through the microphone, being able to convey game related jargon and having a good time are never short on online games. With that thought in mind, Avakin Life should excel in being a great social platform for gamers.

Image courtesy of avakinlifehack

Why is that?

At times, the hurly burly atmosphere of massively multiplayer online role playing games can be quite a lot to take in. We’re pulled from one place to another and do as much quests as possible. Due to this long list of tasks, we miss out on just simply sitting down and talking to people. This characteristic from online games is slowly losing its spark and at times we’re filled with a really salty chat.

Avakin Life gives you a breather to the toxicity of a gaming community. In this mobile game, you can simply score various get-ups from fellow users or opt to talk with other people in a simple house set up. While you can try to get so much diamonds via voting in the pageant, you’re not limited to what fashion you want to don on your avatar.

Due to its more social approach in gaming, you’re not really in a competitive set-up (unless you’d count the furniture and the fashion). You’ll enjoy a better avenue of learning about someone across the webspace, without being bombarded by quests and reading through a pageful of lore.

Things might get heated thus it’s best to dive into Avakin Life as a seventeen year old. You never know who you might come across thus it’s best to avoid the app if you’re below seventeen.

All in all, Avakin Life is a great game to get out from the hurly burly pull of the real world and the ever so hectic, long list of quests from your favorite RPG ones. Nothing like a simple chat with a fellow gamer on your mobile phone!

Miitomo, Nintendo’s Own Answer to Social Networking App


So there has been a lot of rumbling about Miitomo lately. It’s a social networking app from Nintendo that was created to provide a safe and secure environment for people to mingle and socialize. So what makes Miitomo different from other social networking apps already available like Twitter and Facbook? Apparently, many things.

After playing around with Miitomo for the last two weeks, I see many promising features about Miitomo that makes it a unique place to socialize with your friends.

First of all, make no mistakes about it. Miitomo is an attempt at Nintendo to capitalize on their massive database of users. It is still at its infancy, with many features missing that are being promised. One of the things that is solely missing and in big demand by the players is lack of ability convert the in-game currency, coins, into something tangible. Nintendo has stated that it has plans to enable players to ‘buy’ games and other physical products using the coin in the future.

For now, the coins are only really good for dressing up your character. Many ways to get coins exist, which amounts to daily grinding. Hack tools that promise Miitomo coins have popped up around all over the net like the Miitomo cheats for free coins, trying to meet the demands of players wanting more resources. It remains to be seen which ones are legit and which ones are bad.

At the heart of Miitomo is all about making friends and socializing. Social networks, while useful for facilitating communication, comes with caveat of some nastiness like harassment and slandering. Nintendo’s goal is to shut down all that nonsense and help players achieve what they want to: chat with friends, exchange ideas and play some mini-games together. It’s a simple concept but something that was missing from Nintendo’s ecosystem that made too much sense for them not to implement.

Besides meeting up with friends in this digital world, Miitomo is turning out to be a great place to simply meet new friends and find people to play games online with. There are mini-games in Miitomo that players can enjoy that rewards them with Candy. Candies are another in-game currency that Nintendo has introduced with not much functionality. Besides all the mini-games which are rudimentary at best, Miitomi is app that can really expand your gaming experiences.

You can ask your friends questions virtually about anything and I’ve found that many friends are knowledgeable about Nintendo games that I need help with. Miitomo has come through on many occasions, answering my questions promptly and accurately. Take that Google! With concentration of Nintendo gamers come with expertise of the games they play. Miitomo is proving to be an excellent compendium to playing games and it provides many social networking elements that are not only fun but also habit-forming.

Our 3 Top Recommended Chat Apps for LGBT Community

Nowadays, the LGBT community have the means to easily connect with each other through various apps all over the internet. While physical connection is still preferred over virtual one, the technology we have nowadays allow us to prevent having awkward “first meeting” conversations. Dating apps actually prepares its users to better dating outcomes. And if you come to think of it, dating apps serve as good prerequisite in establishing future physical communication. Continue reading

Top 5 Lesbian Dating Apps for Android

The internet is a useful avenue in meeting new people and for those who can get a bit anxious meeting new people physically, then it’s the dawn of a new day. Online dating has been around for a while and it has been known to be used in finding love or even plain sex. Here are some Android smartphone dating apps that are lesbian-friendly which you might want to consider or recommend.

1. OkCupid

Getting started is pretty simple and fast. You just need an e-mail address and a username. This, by far, is the biggest dating app in the US. The use of filters would make you sort out your gender preference. There are compatibility questions you may answer so you’d know how high you match with other users. You may also search based on age, location, religion, height, habits, and even race.

2. Tinder

This Android app works pretty much like a flip book where you “heart” the profiles you like and you “x” the ones you dislike. But the profile you may see is limited to only 5 photos. There is a brief summary about them and some of the things you both like. However, it seems this app may not be your option if you are included in the LGBT group as its parameters lean on heterosexual relationships. Meaning, even if you have set your preference to lesbians, it might still give you straight men.

3. Brenda

Direct messaging is so easy with this app. Filters are only for age and there is a part for a brief description of yourself. And same as tinder, you could upload up to 5 pictures. However, the app could use some room for improvement especially with its interface. More filters would also be a good thing.

4. Scissr

This is known to be Grindr’s lesbian equivalent. To create an account, users should be older than 18 years old to use the app and they have to provide 3 photos with a brief bio of 300 words. The sexuality options in using this app are lesbian, bisexual, and curious. You could either “crush” on a user, or add them on a wish list. The app is also GPS-enabled to help users find a potential mate within the vicinity.

5. Dattch

Then again, this app is made for lesbians, bisexuals, and curious ones. In this app, there is fun and a sense of community. Whether you are just finding friends or someone for keeps, this may be the app for you. The app is not yet available though to rural areas or some areas in the big cities. Despite the availability, this app is one of the best out there.


The Most Queer-Friendly Colleges And Universities in the US

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmerica has grown in the past century at a great speed; slavery was abolished, women were given equal rights, and racism is now frowned upon. Now, in the 2000s, America is moving forward to provide equal rights for LGBT, and that is great. This means that more and more people have grown to accept people belonging to the LGBT faction of society, which means people who are LGBT can be absolutely comfortable about who they are and need not fear any discrimination (at least on a wider scale). But there are still many places which are not very LGBT-friendly, and colleges in such areas can be very vicious to LGBT students. Not to worry though, as the following listed institutions are not only great academically, but also are very welcoming to LGBT students. Continue reading


Activity in support of Tokyo Two, Italy

Greenpeace is an international environmental organization founded in the late ‘60s. It is a non-governemental organization with offices in over forty countries around the world. The main governing body for Greenpeace is based in Amsterdam. The goal of this organization is to ensure that the Earth has the ability to nurture life in every diversity. The organization addresses a variety of modern issues such as overfishing, genetic engineering, anti-nuclear issues, deforestation, global warming, and commercial whaling. It is not funded by any government, but instead relies on donations and grants. Continue reading

Coming Out of the Closet as a Lesbian

hand upComing out of the closet as a lesbian in the society nowadays can be very challenging. If you are one and planning to come out anytime soon, make sure that you know what you should do for the process to be smooth sailing.

In a nutshell, first of all, make sure that you are a hundred percent sure about your sexuality and that you have accepted it. It is actually the first step. And when you are already prepared to come out of the closet, make sure you choose the first people you tell them to. Keep in mind that these should be the ones who would not judge you for who you are. Make sure that they would support you all the way. From that list, move on to the list of your casual acquaintances whom you would want to know of your sexuality. Continue reading

Benefits and Tax credits for Lesbian Couples

taxes-for-lesbian-couplesJust last August 29, 2013, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) directed that same-sex couples married under legal provisions would also get the same treatment as usual married couples for the purposes of federal tax. This is regardless of whether or not the state they are in accepts same-sex marriage.

As of the moment, there are 17 states, including Columbia, that recognize same-sex marriage. These states are Vermont, Washington, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Iowa, Illinois, Hawaii, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Delaware, Connecticut, and California. Here are some things you need to take note of so you may be aware of your tax liabilities. But remember that these may vary depending on the state you live in, how much money you earn, how big your estate is, etc. Consult with a tax professional if you are not sure. Continue reading